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Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

At The Big Zero we're committed to providing expert service every time and that starts with our amazing team. To help you get to know them better we asked some pressing questions. Here's what we learnt!

Andrew McAdams
Andrew McAdams chief executive the big zero headshot

Andrew McAdams

Chief Executive

Being CEO is a busy and important job for Andrew but he has a wild side that we just had to expose! His favourite time of day is 5 or 6am (wild we told you!) and if he had the opportunity to be invisible for a day he would head to busy places for some quality people watching. We're thinking Shibuya Crossing could be a good start.

If Andrew could live anywhere you'll find him sunbaking and hitting the waves of Waikiki in Hawaii. Where he would enjoy some quality KFC for his last meal. 

If Andrew could have any super power it would be a kindness zapper. Always spreading peace and love around the world! And if he could have a conversation with anyone it would be his Grandparents. 

We've also heard Andrew's kind of obsessed with Jason our COO and would like to live out his days with him, sharing dinner and getting to see him every morning. Lucky for him they get to enjoy every day together in the office!

When not dreaming of Jason, Andrew is heavily invested in the day to day running of both The Big Zero and our sister company The Big Middle. Andrew brings many years of experience to both company's and is always planning and moving forward.

Jason Dreimanis
Jason Dreimanis chief operating officer the big zero headshot

Jason Dreimanis

Chief Operations Officer

Our COO generally plays it safe but he also has an unknown dark side... when asked what he would do if he could be invisible for a day it was suggested Jason would visit a bank vault! We're interested to hear how he plans to get the money out the vault! 

A worldly man, Jason would like to enjoy his summer's in Tuscany and winter's at a ski resort enjoying a hot choccy and hitting the slopes. If he could only eat one more meal it would be a big bowl of spag bog (we're seeing a theme emerging here!) and his favourite time of day is lunchtime with friends. 

Ever the Net Zero ninja, Jason's preferred superpower is "Mega maid emissions vacuum cleaner". And if he could meet anyone it would be David Attenborough, a childhood dream.

In all seriousness Jason leads our Net Zero team to success and works with clients to tailor Net Zero solutions to their problems and guide them on their sustainability journey. 

Josh Ferris
Josh Ferris consulting director the big zero headshot

Josh Ferris

Consulting Director

Consulting Director Josh has us very intrigued. When asked who he would like to meet in life he answered Henry VIII. We're not sure why... all we have to say is sleep with one eye open!


On a lighter note Josh would like to spend his days enjoying the Euro summer dream and lazing around in Mykonos (please don't send us pics) where he would like to enjoy a big fat premium grade wagyu steak. Fancy.

Ever the quiet achiever, Josh has no plans for a day of invisibility, just continuing with his day to day as usual, but his super power of choice is mind reading. That could come in really handy in The Big Zero office!

Josh's day to day includes helping our clients on their Net Zero journey from our Queensland office and keeping all our consultants in line. 

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