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At The Big Zero delivering our clients quality, tailored solutions for their Net Zero problem is our number one priority. Check out some ways we've helped clients on their sustainability journey.

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With a proud history of over 100 years of operations, Molycop has always been an innovator in the steel and mining industries. Pioneering in technology like the electric arc furnace and patenting the Molycop® grinding ball, the business has grown over more than a century to become a worldwide business, developing advanced mining consumables for the world’s resources and materials.


Innovation is an ongoing endeavour, and sustainability is core to the pursuit of Molycop’s business. Supplying services and materials for resource recovery and recycling, while committing to long-term renewable energy contracts, the business is further demonstrating its sustainability credentials.


It’s operations are across multiple time zones, multiple languages, and various regulatory environments. Using spreadsheets and manual processes was proving a limitation in scaling its sustainability objectives. The business saw the opportunity further innovate, and engaged The Big Zero to rollout an enterprise sustainability software solution.


Through an initial proof-of-concept stage, Molycop and The Big Zero demonstrated the success that advanced AI and enterprise software could provide, taking existing data and delivering new insights. It was during this stage that water resource efficiency opportunities were uncovered and presented to the Board. The Big Zero and Molycop demonstrated the financial benefits that software automation, focussed on sustainability, could bring to the business.


Working remotely with the teams across the globe, The Big Zero developed a platform that delivered sustainability focussed processes, reporting and insights, in multiple languages and addressing regional requirements. The program was so successful that plans are now underway to develop automation for public facing disclosures, and integration with even more systems to further embed sustainable outcomes, extending Molycop’s innovation leadership in the sector.


Australian Vintage LTD

Australian Vintage LTD

Australian Vintage is a world-leading drinks company with a proud history of sustainable practices. The environment and social impact are at the heart of its operations. In an industry proud of its traditions, Australian Vintage has also demonstrated innovation know-how. The consumer, social responsibility and environmental sustainability are all integrated in the way it approaches business.


Like many organisations, Australian Vintage had sought specialist expertise to determine and calculate carbon emissions across its critical and complex supply chain, handing this data over for analysis and calculation. As a publicly listed business, greenhouse gas emissions reporting is determined by strict disclosure standards, while also being critical to understanding emissions reduction pathways. While reporting obligations could be determined by a third-party provider, the need to own and maintain the reported outcomes has become even more important. Australian Vintage needed to understand how its data could be used to drive emissions reduction, increase energy efficiency, and determine a clear pathway to net zero. A key imperative was to do this faster and more efficiently, ensuring employees, investors and consumers could all see these sustainability initiatives in the context of Australian Vintage’s goals.


The Big Zero was engaged to develop a proof-of-concept to show that automation could deliver sustainability insights faster and with more accuracy than the previous processes and outsourced reporting arrangements provided. This concept was used to determine the software implementation required to automate Australian Vintage’s sustainability reporting and disclosures that meant several efficiencies were found, while also uncovering new insights that will reduce risks to its business.


The platform has already proven so valuable that Australian Vintage is planning beyond this initial engagement. Australian Vintage and The Big Zero are mapping out an expansion of the system to include diversity, equity and inclusion reporting, as well as to increase the accuracy and visibility of science-based target commitments, enabling drill-down into specific operations. Time saved by avoiding previously manual processes is giving Australian Vintage’s leadership more time to plan for sustainability initiatives.

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